Lookin’ good…


Hello! The eagle-eyed might have noticed that something’s looking pretty different around here – namely, we’ve had a facelift.

No, not the fancy Harley Street clinic kind. The digital sort!

DC Publishing, one of the leading independent publishing houses in Scotland, has a brand new online home. And, excuse us for being biased, but we’re looking pretty fly.

As a company, we’ve got LOTS planned this year. There’s so much going on up our sleeves that we’re regularly being confused with Popeye. It’s embarrassing. And to celebrate all the great stuff we’ve got on the horizon, it was time for a new home online too.

You can now stop by DCPublishing.co.uk to get the latest from the company – to check out our magazine releases in the blog, find out more about our recent foray into contract publishing work and keep an eye on our latest job vacancies too.

I’ll not bore you with the details – you can go check it all out for yourself. So go on. Get clicking. Explore! I hope you enjoy your first digital adventure with us. And if you want to know anything else? Drop me a line! You can get me at editor@dcpublishing.co.uk. I’m always open to chatter. (Especially if there’s a cup of tea involved.)

Lindsay Cochrane
DC Publishing